1. What are your hours of operation?
  2. Monday - Friday: 9 AM to 7 PM
    Saturday: 9 AM to 3 PM
    Closed most major holidays

    We're closed on Sundays for family and football, but a pharmacist is always on call for emergencies. Our emergency number is 717-626-2222, and you'll always get a person, not an answering machine.

    Holiday Hours:

    Thanksgiving Day
    November 24th - CLOSED*

    Christmas Eve
    December 24th - 8:30 to 12 Noon

    Christmas Day
    December 25th - CLOSED*

    New Years Eve
    December 31st - 8:30 to 12 Noon

    New Years Day
    January 1st - CLOSED*

    *Call 717-626-2222 for emergency only prescription service even when closed or after hours.

  3. How do you read those "chicken scratch" prescriptions?
  4. Experience enables us to decipher most prescriptions. However, be assured that if we are not 100% certain of what your physician has prescribed, we will call his/her office on your behalf for clarification.

  5. My health insurance includes a prescription plan. Is Lititz Apothecary a provider in this plan? Do you honor my prescription plan?
  6. We accept MOST prescription plans or will attempt to become a provider to serve you if at all possible. The list of pharmacy providers often excludes the names of small, independent pharmacies like Lititz Apothecary, so the best thing to do is to bring in the prescription card when you receive it. That way we can enter the necessary information into our files, answer your questions, and be prepared when you need medications…sort of "preventive medicine"!

    In addition, some "greedy" insurance companies may send notifications that entice you to use "mail order" or lock you in to certain "preferred" pharmacies. Whenever possible, we will "meet or beat" their prices and are willing to match their claims. Your health and well-being are our main concerns and we are flexible enough to want to keep our patients satisfied without regard to the "almighty dollar" philosophy practiced by many of our larger competitors. We also have access to coupon and co-pay programs which may save you money on many prescription items. Ask our pharmacists if you need assistance.

  7. My insurance carrier wants me to get generic drugs to help keep costs under control. Are generic products as effective as name brand products?
  8. Our philosophy on generic products is this: We don't dispense any products that we wouldn't give to our own families! There are many good generic products on the market. However, some products (Coumadin and Lanoxin, for example) are too important to your health and we only dispense the brand-name products for these medications. We continually strive to stay on top of current trends in the area of safety of new medications.

  9. I had my prescription filled at another pharmacy but would like to transfer it to Lititz Apothecary because I like how I'm treated there. How do I transfer my prescription to Lititz Apothecary?
  10. You have three easy ways to transfer most prescriptions to Lititz Apothecary.

    1. Your doctor's office can call us with a new prescription (717-626-2222).
    2. You can have your doctor write a new prescription and bring it to be filled at Lititz Apothecary.
    3. You can bring your container to Lititz Apothecary and we will gladly contact the other pharmacy and have the prescription transferred to Lititz Apothecary for you.