COVID 19 Testing


Lititz Apothecary is proud to offer COVID-19 Saliva PCR Testing

  • This is first test authorized by FDA for emergency use authorization
  • Test is performed on Thermo-Fisher Equipment at Laboratory
  • This test is GOLD standard and is 99.98% accurate
  • 48 hour turn-around-time from time the tests is taken
  • Results returned to patient via email link


  1. Patients NEED to register on prior obtaining test or arriving. Enter all required information including ID and insurance card
  2. For Curbside testing: arrive to pharmacy parking lot (DO NOT ENTER THE STORE) call the pharmacy at 717-626-2222 and notify a team member you have completed the online registration and you are ready for your saliva to be collected
  3. Fill tube to the line with saliva and add the inactivatory
  4. Place the sample in provided bio-hazard bag and hand back to pharmacy team member and will provide a specimen receipt
  5. We will overnight FedEx the sample to the lab and results will be made available via email provided during registration


No minimum age requirement!


No cost to the qualified patient. Qualified patients are patients with 3 of the symptom questions answered YES OR “you where or have been in contact with Covid-19”.

Can I obtain this for my business?

Yes, please call the store to inquire regarding.